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26 June 2022

New logo

Sinds de toetreding tot de Dussmann-familie in 2019 is STS Group onze klanten met succes blijven bedienen en voortbouwen op onze voorbeeldige staat van dienst voor projectoplevering. In een poging om uniformiteit te bieden over de verschillende bedrijfsonderdelen in Dussmann, zullen we vanaf vandaag een nieuw en fris logo adopteren. Hoewel onze naam, waarden en mensen blijven bestaan, zal het nieuwe logo helpen om het merk en de identiteit van Dussmann op het gebied van technische oplossingen verder te versterken.

Since joining the Dussmann family in 2019, STS Group has continued to successfully service our clients and build on our exemplary record for project delivery. In a bid to provide uniformity across the various business units in Dussmann, from today we will be adopting a new and fresh logo. Whilst our name, values and people remain, the new logo will help to further strengthen Dussmann’s brand and identity in the field of Technical Solutions.

12 July 2021

Plastic Free July 2021

Plastics make our lives easier in many ways and are often lighter or less expensive than alternative materials. However, if they are not properly disposed of or recycled, they will end up in the environment, remaining for centuries while degrading into smaller pieces. These small pieces (typically smaller than 5 mm) called microplastics are nowadays one of the environment’s biggest threats.

What are microplastics?

Micrplastics are solid plastic particles composed of mixtures of polymers, functional additives and sometimes residual impurities. They can be unintentionally formed when larger pieces of plastic, like car tyres or synthetic textiles, wear and tear. But they are also deliberately manufactured and added to products for specific purposes, such as exfoliating beads in facial or body scrubs.

How to help?

The best way to reduce the amount of plastic disposed of is to reduce its use.

This month we have a challenge for you. Plastic Free July! It is a global movement that helps millions of people to be part of the solution on plastic pollution. With everyone's contribution we can all benefit from cleaner streets, oceans, and beautiful communities. Download the calendar and get started today!

24 June 2021

Men’s Health Week 2021

Last week, sites across Group came together in celebration of Men’s Health Week. Following an introduction on Monday, each day focused on a specific theme which was delivered via tool box talks with a series of infographics displayed on notice boards and at work stations highlighting challenges men might face when it comes to their health and wellbeing.

1 June 2021

Supporting Pride Month 2021

For the month of June, in recognition and support of Pride Month, STS Group has changed the colours of its logo to represent the iconic rainbow flag.

We are committed to a culture of inclusion and Pride Month is an opportunity for us to promote and support diversity both inside and outside the workplace.

People are our most valuable asset, and we are delighted to be celebrating diversity in our communities.

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